World's leading quality and reliability of Kawasaki Staffa products amd excellent service and support, ensuring hassle-free operation, whatever the application.

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Original, brand new Staffa motors

We stock the most commonly used types of motors in our Athens warehouse. We can export them all over the world, packed in their original manufacturer cases, directly to your vessel.


Our stock is renewed constantly so please contact us if your required motor is not shown here. Please always confirm availability with us before placing any orders.

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Staffa motor types and parts

HMB single displacement motors

Staffa motors provide consistent, controlled accelleration of loads, ensuring smooth, steady, low speed operation.

HMC dual displacement motors

Various control options include: continuously variable and constant power, integral shuttle valve, directional valve and electronic positional/speed control systems.


We can also supply and directly ship original spare parts . We have a workshop and repair facility where we can inspect and repair motors of all sizes.

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Who we are

We are official distributors for Kawasaki Precision Machinery UK Ltd. (manufacturer of Staffa hydraulic motors) in Greece and Cyprus. Our company specializes in the design and assembly of hydraulic systems for industrial and marine applications (mooring winches, windlass).

We have more than 35 years of experience and technical know-how in selling, repairing and servicing Staffa motors. Our stock of (the most commonly used) original and brand new Staffa motors is kept in our Athens warehouse and we can arrange to ship them worldwide, in the manufacturer’s packaging, directly to your vessel.

We can also supply and directly ship original spare parts (pistons, connecting rods, bearings, seal kits, seal rings, shaft seals etc.) We have a workshop and repair facility where we can inspect and repair motors of all sizes.


About Kawasaki Staffa Motors

Extreme weather and rough seas are all par for the course for Kawasaki’s hydraulic components and machines in the marine industry. Each has been designed to work hard around the clock in hazardous weather. So, whatever the conditions you can rely on Kawasaki’s components to give you the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and performance.

Our Staffa radial piston motors are the most technically advanced on the market, thanks to their hydrostatically balanced design. Built-in efficiency means they wear less, with a superior starting torque due to minimal metal-to-metal contact.

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